Elevate Your Style: Goyard Bag Prices and Ideas for Women’s Lifestyle

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In the world of fashion, there are certain timeless accessories that can effortlessly elevate your style and make a statement.

The prices of Goyard handbags can vary based on factors such as the model, size, and region. It’s important to note that prices may change over time due to factors like inflation, changes in currency exchange rates, and updates from the brand.

Here is a list of Goyard handbag models and their prices in USD and Euro.

Bag Model NamePrice in USDPrice in Euro
Alpin Mini Backpack$3,700€5,070
Anjou GM$3,420€2,420
Anjou Mini$2,620€1,860
Anjou PM$2,980€2,120
Artois MM$2,560€1,920
Artois PM$2,210€1,680
Bellechasse MM$2,560€1,920
Bellechasse PM$2,210€1,430
Belvedere MM$3,070€2,320
Belvedere PM$2,720€2,060
Bourgogne Bag$2,160€1,940
Cap-Vert PM$2,260€1,780
Cassette Trunk Bag$6,350€4,950
Hardy PM$2,220No change
Saint Louis GM$1,910€1,450
Saint Louis PM$1,650€1,230
Please contact your local boutique for exact pricing and use this as a guide only**

Please note that prices may vary, and it’s always a good idea to check with official Goyard boutiques or authorized retailers for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information. Additionally, new models or variations may have been introduced since my last update.

Popular Goyard Bags

Goyard is known for its classic and iconic designs, with several of their bags being popular among fashion enthusiasts.

My personal favorite is the Saint Louis Tote it is spacious and chic. Great for students attending college or first time moms!

However, Goyard does not publicly disclose specific sales figures or rank their bags in terms of best-sellers. The popularity of Goyard bags can vary over time and may depend on factors such as fashion trends, celebrity endorsements, and customer preferences.

Nevertheless, some of the Goyard bags that have gained recognition and are often sought after include:

  1. Saint Louis Tote:
    • The Saint Louis tote is one of Goyard’s most iconic and recognizable designs. It is known for its lightweight and durable Goyardine canvas and features a classic chevron pattern.
  2. Artois Tote:
    • The Artois tote is another popular Goyard design, available in different sizes. It is characterized by its structured silhouette and the signature Goyardine canvas.
  3. Bellechasse Bag:
    • The Bellechasse is a versatile and stylish bag that comes in various sizes. It often features leather trims and a distinctive flap closure.
  4. Cap Vert Crossbody Bag:
    • The Cap Vert is a compact crossbody bag with a sleek design, perfect for those who prefer smaller and more functional bags.
  5. Belvedere Briefcase:
    • The Belvedere is a sophisticated and classic briefcase, ideal for those in search of a stylish work or business bag.
  6. Cassette Trunk Bag:
    • The Cassette bag is a more structured and boxy design, reminiscent of a vintage trunk. It adds a touch of luxury and nostalgia to the Goyard collection.

Remember that the popularity of specific bags can change, and new releases may become sought after in the fashion world. If you are interested in Goyard bags, it’s recommended to visit official Goyard boutiques or authorized retailers to explore the latest collections and inquire about popular designs. Fashion trends and preferences can vary, so what’s considered a best-seller may change over time.

One such accessory that has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide is the Goyard bag. Renowned for its iconic patterns, exquisite craftsmanship, and exclusivity, Goyard bags are a symbol of luxury and sophistication. In this blog post, we will explore Goyard bag prices and present a myriad of ideas and styles that cater to the diverse tastes of women’s lifestyle blog readers.

  1. Understanding Goyard Bag Prices: To begin our style journey, let’s delve into the world of Goyard bag prices. Goyard is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and exclusivity, which is reflected in the price range of its bags. From the classic St. Louis tote to the elegant Anjou and the practical Bellechasse, understanding the pricing of these iconic pieces will help readers make informed decisions when investing in a Goyard bag.
  2. Timeless Classics: Goyard offers a range of classic designs that stand the test of time. The St. Louis tote, with its signature Goyardine canvas, is perfect for everyday use. Its versatility and durability make it an essential addition to any wardrobe. Readers can explore how to style the St. Louis tote for different occasions, whether it’s a casual day out or a business meeting.
  3. Elegance Redefined: For those seeking a touch of sophistication, the Anjou bag is a timeless choice. With its structured silhouette and luxurious leather, the Anjou seamlessly transitions from day to night. Readers can discover ways to incorporate the Anjou into their evening ensembles, turning heads wherever they go.
  4. Practical Chic: Goyard’s Bellechasse collection offers a fusion of practicality and style. From crossbody bags to versatile totes, these pieces are designed for the modern woman on the go. Explore how to balance convenience and chic by incorporating the Bellechasse collection into your daily lifestyle.
  5. Personalization and Customization: Goyard takes personalization to the next level by offering custom hand-painted monograms on their bags. Readers can learn about this unique service and how adding a personal touch can make their Goyard bag truly one-of-a-kind.
  6. Fashion Forward with Limited Editions: Goyard periodically releases limited-edition collections, each telling a unique story. Delve into the world of limited-edition Goyard bags, exploring the inspiration behind these designs and how they can be a valuable addition to a fashion-forward wardrobe.


Goyard bags are not just accessories; they are investments in timeless elegance and style. By understanding Goyard bag prices and exploring the various styles and ideas presented in this blog post, women can confidently embrace the world of luxury fashion. Whether it’s a classic St. Louis tote for everyday use or an Anjou bag for special occasions, Goyard bags have the power to elevate any woman’s lifestyle, making a lasting impression wherever she goes.

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